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Remy’s suppliers are vital partners in helping us achieve – and exceed – customer expectations. Our strategic, mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers are built on our shared dedication to continuous improvement and maintaining competitive advantages in the areas of quality, technology, price and delivery. 

Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)/Supplier Performance Measurement System
The Supplier Corrective Action Request/Supplier Performance Measurement Web-based System is now available for our Mexico OE plants.

This system will allow the supplier to: 
1. Directly access and respond to SCARs issued by our manufacturing and HQ sites 
2. Directly access SPM reports and Quality performance information 
3. Provide real time feedback on open and closed issues

During the first entry into the system: 
1. Please click on the "Masters" menu choice on the left side of the workspace 2. Click on "Supplier
3. Click on "Modify"

This screen will allow for modification of company master data. Please complete all fields. When complete click "Save." It is the supplier's responsibility to keep this information up to date. 

Download the SCAR User Guide (.pdf)
Supplier Evaluation (QVR) 

Sample Part Verification Requirements 
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