At Remy, we’re innovators—and we have been for more than century. With the largest hybrid motor production and testing facility in North America, we stand ready to advance the adoption of hybrid motor technology for multiple industries. In fact, we’re already impacting the marketplace with hybrid technologies that are outperforming competitors.
Now, Remy’s scalable, dual-platform offers a full portfolio of products that support both light duty and heavy duty markets as they steer toward full electrification of the drivetrain. Our engineers and design specialists will work with you to choose the architecture that’s right for your custom specifications.
Powering Full Speed Ahead 
If power and torque are what you need, then Remy’s High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) platform offers the solution. Perfect for applications that require high performance – with maximum efficiency, the HVH offers continuous performance where competition can only operate at short-duration peaks. Need to apply as an ISG, or integrate into your powertrain? No problem – HVH technology outperforms in either case.
And its patented hairpin stator technology is already outperforming Department of Energy benchmarks for 2020. Using series or parallel hybrid architecture, the HVH offers scalable torque and output, and it is adaptable to both light duty and heavy duty applications. 
The Next Generation 
Remy has the hybrid solution you need, packaged in our flexible-platform motor/generator technology available off the shelf today. These plaftforms offer a standard hybrid motor platform that can lower current cost barriers and spur the adoption of hybrid technology in all vehicle types, from passenger cars and trucks to heavy duty applications. Even more, this standardized platform benefits the entire industry, allowing us to innovate faster—ultimately, moving the transportation marketplace to a place that requires less dependence on fossil fuels and optimizing the use of hybrid technology.
With more than a century of innovation behind us, we now stand ready to focus on the next generation of hybrid technology.