Light Duty OEM Alternators and Starters

Remy Technology Powering the Drivetrain
Remy has been building starters and alternators for passenger and luxury vehicles since they were invented. Today, we offer original equipment manufacturers a full portfolio of starter and alternator options. By sharing with OEMs our complete value chain of product knowledge, detailed specifications, application history and rigorous testing procedures, we’re able to ensure the delivery of high quality, reliable products that will meet the needs of your customers.
Quality Assurance
Our testing procedures and quality assurance processes meet and exceed the requirements of the largest international automobile manufacturers, with thousands of hours of validation and testing under extreme conditions. Using our vast engineering and application expertise, we build products with improved temperature capabilities—ensuring high output over a long service life. When you purchase Remy products, quality is guaranteed.
Putting You in the Driver’s Seat
Our global distribution and manufacturing facilities, coupled with our experience building innovative products for the automotive industry, hav
e proven that Remy can help you be a driving force in today’s transportation marketplace.