Scope and Scale
Our worldwide network of engineering and design capabilities, manufacturing facilities, distribution and supply chain partners enables us to serve clients in every corner of the globe with unsurpassed capacity, flexibility and customer service. Whatever you need, wherever and whenever you need it, Remy can deliver.
Precision Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Techniques
Our global network of manufacturing and remanufacturing facilities follows lean manufacturing processes that increase efficiency and reduce waste. Our design and process development for manufacturing keep us focused on continually improving our products—how they are produced and how they perform. Our remanufacturing efforts allow us to deliver quality alternators and starters to the aftermarket, while using fewer natural resources.
Testing Procedures/Quality Assurance
Our testing procedures and quality assurance processes meet and exceed the requirements of the largest international engine and vehicle manufacturers, with thousands of hours of validation and testing under extreme conditions. When you purchase Remy products, quality is a given.